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Organic Mechanics Soil

Sustane Myco Bio 1lb

Sustane Myco Bio 1lb

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 Sustane Bolster MycoBio inoculates soils with beneficial microbiology with helps to improve nutrient cycling. Add this to your seed starting soil and to your rows or planting holes when planting your gardens. You can even work it into your organic houseplant soil! MycoBio significantly increases the plant's access to the soil resources by extending literally miles of additional microfilaments known as hyphae throughout the root zone. Contains mycorrhizal fungi, Bacillus bacteria, and humates.

Sustane is an OMRI certified brand of organic fertilizers that is made in the USA. It is non-toxic and safe for people, plants, animals, and the environment. Biologically stable, with a low carbon footprint, Sustane utilizes recycled and renewable resources in the making of its organic fertilizer products. 

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