Welcome to Natureworks!

We are so glad that you have discovered Natureworks, a very special retail garden center in Southern Connecticut. Although small in size (we are located on merely an acre of land!) we pack a lot into a little space. Our shop is in a house built in 1900 and is filled to overflowing with gardening accessories, seeds, houseplants, succulents, unique gifts and gardening accessories in every season.

ORGANIC GARDENING is our focus and our passion. We have been gardening organically since our beginnings in 1983. Natureworks was started by our founder, Nancy DuBrule-Clemente. The first retail store was in Stony Creek. In 1990, Natureworks moved to its present location on Forest Rd. (Rte. 22) in Northford, CT. Natureworks now employs more than 25 employees during the growing season who are engaged in landscape design, installation, and maintenance as well as the work of our retail store and gardens.

Our plant benches in our nursery yard are packed with an amazing variety of fascinating plants. We place a special focus on native plants, pollinator friendly selections, butterfly larval food plants (such as milkweed) and nectar flowers, and plants to attract birds to your yard. We are also serious horticulturists and total plant geeks- you never know what new and interesting plants you will find when you visit.

We LOVE to grow organic edibles! Natureworks sells a huge variety of organic, untreated seeds, organic herbs, and organic vegetable seedlings. Our stock of small fruits and perennial edibles help gardeners turn their yards into productive edible landscapes. Check out the handouts page on our website and read some of the many handouts that we have written to guide you to being successful with your organic gardens.

When you come for a visit, be sure to stroll through our ORGANIC demonstration gardens, what we fondly call our “living classroom”. They contain many of the plants that we sell, growing in a style marked with wild abandon. As you drive in, be sure to visit Veggie Island, an organic edible demonstration garden in the center of our parking lot. Other edible gardens in raised beds and Smart Pots are located throughout the nursery yard to inspire you to grow more food.

*Note in 2023, our gardens are under renovation for all to see, and we will have many workshops demonstrating planting, digging and dividing, feeding and much more. 

We are so happy you found us and can’t wait to welcome you to our store. Enjoy shopping in our Online Store. We know you will not only find many things to love, but you will also learn a lot!