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Sustane Lawn Step 2 Early Summer 30lb 9-0-2

Sustane Lawn Step 2 Early Summer 30lb 9-0-2

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OMRI listed Organic Lawn Program Products

Sustane's All Natural 4-step Lawn Program is designed to feed your soil with the nutrients and organic matter to produce dense, green grass. Follow the 4 steps to maintain your lawn all season long or mix and match to suit your application needs. 

Step 2 Early Summer Turf Maintenance 9-0-2

Turf Maintenance is made from a blend of turkey litter, green waste compost, feather meal, and sulfate of potash. Apply before the heat of summer arrives, usually before the 3rd week in June. Mow at a height of at least 3" to 3 1/2" and do not mow when the temps are high. We repeat, do not mow when the temperatures are high. If it is uncomfortable for you to be mowing, it is too hot for the grass plants too! This will only stress the lawn and it may brown out during times of drought. Plan on skipping your mowing in the heat of summer for the best lawn. Also--leave the clippings! The clippings do not contribute to thatch, and they contain nutrients that will recycle right back into the soil as they break down. 

A 30lb bag covers up to 5,000 sq/ft at a rate of 6lb/1000 sq/ft.

**Apply 10lb per 1000 sq/ft if clippings are bagged and removed**

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