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Sustane Lawn Step 1 Spring Weed & Feed 30lb Corn Gluten

Sustane Lawn Step 1 Spring Weed & Feed 30lb Corn Gluten

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OMRI listed Organic Lawn Program Products

Sustane's All Natural 4-step Lawn Program is designed to feed your soil with the nutrients and organic matter to produce dense, green grass. Follow the 4 steps to maintain your lawn all season long or mix and match to suit your application needs. 

Step 1 Spring Weed and Feed 9-0-0

OMRI Listed, Non-GMO corn gluten meal, is a natural broadleaf pre-emergent that helps prevent weeds from establishing in the spring. Blended with 15% Sustane fertilizer, this coats the corn gluten granules which means it is not the typical bright yellow color of corn gluten. It feeds your lawn with slow release nitrogen, which helps promote thicker lawns and a beautiful green color. 

Apply in CT from mid-April to mid May, approximately between when the forsythia is blooming, and the lilacs just begin to bloom. Corn gluten prevents seed from germinating, so do not overseed with grass seed at time of use. If you have thin or bare spots, plan on overseeding those in the fall. A thick and thriving lawn is the best defense against weeds!  A 30lb bag covers 3,000 sq/ft as a fertilizer, for weed germination control, apply at a higher rate. For weed control, a 30lb bag covers 1,500 sq/ft. No need for additional fertilizer!

For a handout on organic lawns click here

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