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Organic Mechanics Soil

Sustane Flourish 8-2-4 1lb

Sustane Flourish 8-2-4 1lb

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A wonderful new powdered fertilizer that easily mixes with water to provide nutrients to all types of plants. Easy to use and mix! Suståne Flourish water dispersible formula provides powdered organic nutrients and biostimulants and is well suited for growing of diverse plants, indoors and outdoors. Houseplants, vegetable plants and seedlings, perennials, annuals, lawn, shrubs and trees all benefit from Sustane Flourish! OMRI certified. Water soluble micro-nutrients and amino acids provide immediately available plant nutrition. Formulated with organic and mineral nitrogen sources for rapid plant growth response. Contains 2% naturally occurring humates and a kelp based biostimulant for greater root development. Balanced levels of macro-, meso-, and micro-nutrients to promote efficient root uptake and more vigorous plant growth.

Sustane is an OMRI certified brand of organic fertilizers that is made in the USA. It is non-toxic and safe for people, plants, animals, and the environment. Biologically stable, with a low carbon footprint, Sustane utilizes recycled and renewable resources in the making of its organic fertilizer products. 

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