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Ladybugs! 500/cup

Ladybugs! 500/cup

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 Ladybugs are voracious eaters of small, soft bodied insects that can plague your garden such as aphids and whiteflies. We carry a container of approximately 500 live ladybugs, ready to release!

After purchasing, you want to release them at dusk, well after the sun goes down. Water the base of the plants you want them to stay on right before releasing. They will be thirsty and immediately look for water and a plant to climb up and hunker down for the night. Many will then lay eggs on the plants. Ladybug larvae will hatch in several days and look like little black "alligators" crawling on your plants. This is GOOD-the larvae eat more aphids than the adults! 

You can release 2-3 times from the same container, a few days apart each time. Keep the container refrigerated when you get home, until you release in the garden or greenhouse. 

Fun for kids! 

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