Birds and Spring Belong Together!

Birds and Spring Belong Together!

Last spring as the world around us changed so rapidly and I found myself in the house more than ever, I spent more and more time looking outside. Seeing the birds as they visited my garden brought me joy and was a welcome distraction from the world in 2020. Apparently I was not alone in this enjoyment, as bird watching attracted record numbers of people, and became labeled the "perfect pandemic hobby"!

This Indigo Bunting was one of three that came to my yard last spring!  Their sudden appearance surprised me and honestly made some of my fellow bird-watching friends a little jealous!

Here at Natureworks we are often asked to help customers select plants for the sole purpose of attracting birds to their yards. While I do have several "bird borders" filled with berried shrubs and evergreens for cover - it was in the lawn where I first spotted the Indigo Buntings as they feasted on dandelion seeds.

I have never used any chemicals on my lawn, ever! So while it is important to think about what you are planting in your yard, don't overlook this very important part of of habitat creation: not using broad spectrum herbicides and pesticides.

An Eastern Towhee in my yard where I "leave the leaves"! 

Birds do bring a happy, uplifting element to our environment whether it is their bright colors, the constant flurry of activity or melodious and ever-changing song. They are welcome in my yard and I hope to see these visitors again in 2021!  

By Suzanne Hauselt

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