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Healthy Grow Corn Gluten 30lb

Healthy Grow Corn Gluten 30lb

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Weed Preventer Plus Turf Food 9-0-0

Corn gluten 9-0-0 can be used as a fertilizer and also to prohibit weed seed germination. A 30lb bag covers 3,000 square feet as a fertilizer. When used to suppress weed seed germination in spring, apply at a heavier rate of 1,500 sq/ft per bag. 

Works well to prevent the weeds like crabgrass from germinating when applied in spring. Apply during the time the forsythia has been blooming for a couple of weeks and the lilacs just start to bloom. Corn gluten kills the germinating roots of new weeds. It will not kill existing, perennial weeds. It also feeds your lawn so you do not need an additional fertilizer at this time.

If you are going to be overseeding your lawn, do not use corn gluten. If you use it to prevent spring crabgrass because your lawn is thin or has bare spots, plan on overseeding your lawn in September. A thick lawn is the best defense against weeds!

Organic Healthy Grow Gold helps to grow deeper roots, improve water retention and provide lush, green turf throughout the growing season. 

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